with covid-19 continuing to impact the community, our number one priority remains the health and safety of accolade wines employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

凤凰游戏平台下载in mid-march, we closed most of our office-based locations and directed staff in those locations to work from home. this decision was made following the advice and direction of governments and health authorities in the countries in which we operate. our actions continue to be guided by this advice and, as we see restrictions being reduced or lifted, our business has and will continue to respond accordingly.

whilst restrictions vary across countries, regions and state or province borders, the information below is provided to allow our core audience visibility of our operating locations.

Australia office locations:

  • In response to falling infection rates, the Victorian Government is executing its roadmap towards the easing of restrictions across the state. There are two roadmaps – one for Metropolitan Melbourne and the other for Regional Victoria.
  • For the time being, to ensure the health and safety of all employees and reduce any potential exposure to infection, all our people in Victoria are continuing to work from home.
  • The Melbourne office remains closed and must not be attended by any employees or visitors.
  • State Sales Offices, except Victoria, remain open with field sales teams on the road.
  • Our Operational teams at Stonier and the Yarra Valley vineyards are continuing work on site with essential employees only as per COVID safe practices as declared by the Victorian Government.
  • Sydney-based employees are able to combine working from home with up to two days a week in the office as we maintain strict hygiene, safety and social distancing controls.
  • Cellar Doors – Except for Stonier (Victoria) and Waipara Hills (New Zealand), all cellar doors are back up operating and welcoming visitors, albeit according to differing state restrictions. We anticipate that the Waipara Hills Cellar Door will re-open on Thursday, October 8.
  • All our other sites in Australia, including our commercial offices at Reynella and our winery at Berri, both in South Australia, along with our other wineries, remain open and operating under COVID-safe social distancing, capacity and hygiene protocols.

New Zealand Office locations

  • In New Zealand, Auckland is presently at Level 2 restrictions with the rest of the country on Level 1. There are currently no stay at home orders or restrictions on movement.
  • Our team in Blenheim continue to work in the office whilst continuing to comply with distancing and health & safety restrictions.

Asia office locations:

  • Employees have returned to our offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
  • In Singapore, where our employees have been working from home, the office will re-open from Thursday, October 15.

UK office locations:

  • With COVID-19 confirmed case rates trending upwards in parts of the UK, and following official government guidelines, our Weybridge team has postponed its phased return to the office. For the time being, all Weybridge employees should work from home.
  • We have also asked employees at The Park who can work from home to do so. This will ultimately lower the number of total employees on-site, in turn making it safer for those required to come to The Park and limiting our exposure to infection.
  • This is an evolving situation, and we will continue to monitor and provide further updates in due course in line with official government guidelines.
  • Our operational site, Accolade Park, remains open and operating under COVID-safe social distancing, capacity and hygiene protocols. .

Republic of South Africa office locations:

  • As of Monday, September 21, the curfew in South Africa was lifted to level 1. This means that limited gatherings can take place and that commercial and retail premises, including offices, can re-open in accordance with capacity restrictions.
  • Starting this week, the Stellenbosch team commenced a phased return to the office. Members of the finance team will alternate in on a weekly schedule, whereas the operations team are back in full under ‘COVID-normal’ conditions.
  • The off-site sale of alcohol is now permitted Monday to Friday, so our Flagstone cellar door is fully operational in accordance with government COVID regulations.
  • Strict hygiene, screening and social distancing protocols are in operation at both the winery and office.

凤凰游戏平台下载in summary, the ongoing working arrangements at all locations will continue to be under review aligned to government and health authority directives over coming months as all business continues to effectively manage through these challenging times.

凤凰游戏平台下载it is also important to acknowledge all of our people globally who have not had the flexibility to work from home and have remained in our facilities with appropriate safety precautions in place. those teams have spread across supply, production, maintenance, viticulture and winemaking. we appreciate and thank these teams for their continued support and commitment, which has significantly contributed to our successful business continuity and positive customer satisfaction during this time

We have also launched our special ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ offer for On-Premise customers in Australia. Please see this link凤凰游戏平台下载 for more information.

Information for consumers – Cellar Doors

凤凰游戏平台下载in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, in response to covid-19 our australia cellar doors were closed to visitors. these have gradually reopened in line with various restrictions being lifted. in australia,

reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 3 june

available for online sales via our website

reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 12 june

凤凰游戏平台下载available for online sales via our website

reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 3 june

available for online sales via our website

(includes house of arras and eddystone)

凤凰游戏平台下载reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 6 june

凤凰游戏平台下载available for online sales via our website

凤凰游戏平台下载reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 3 june

available for online sales via our website

due to the victorian government’s lockdown restrictions in force from wednesday 8 july, the stonier cellar door is closed until further notice.

available for online sales via phone or via our website

凤凰游戏平台下载(includes houghton)

reopened cellar door for visitors, tastings and sales from 6 june

凤凰游戏平台下载flutes restaurant is operating thurs-mon each week at limited numbers

凤凰游戏平台下载available for online sales via our website

凤凰游戏平台下载reopened cellar door for tastings, restaurant and sales from 9 june

Berri Cellar Door

凤凰游戏平台下载reopened cellar door for visitors and bottle sales only

凤凰游戏平台下载the cellar door and cafe are currently closed. planning to reopen for visitors, tastings and sales from thursday, october 8.

Information for customers (retailers & on premise) and suppliers

凤凰游戏平台下载we appreciate that the events unfolding around covid-19 are generating uncertainty across the wider business community.

In Australia, we have launched our ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ package offering new and existing on-premise customers incredible deals on our wines, including complimentary restocking for the first month and a significant discount for six months thereafter. For more details on this offer, click here,

we enjoy long standing relationships with many retail and on premise customers and suppliers, and are committed to working closely with them to ensure the impacts of the virus are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

at present there are no changes to communicate with regards to our operational sites (including supply, production and distribution) who have continued to operate throughout.  however, i would like to stress that we have extensive plans and responses ready to be enacted should covid-19 look likely to cause disruption to these at any point, including a detailed business continuity plan.

凤凰游戏平台下载we will continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis and provide further updates to you as appropriate.

If you have any further questions about any part of this, please speak to your Accolade Wines representative or contact our Corporate Communications team at: corporate.communications@theoldhangar.com

Anjanette Murfet
Director, People and Communications